NGO “Paradise on Earth”

The  Non Governmental Organisation “Paradise on Earth” was launched on 09/09/2019 with our first project Koh Phangan Fruit Fest. 

Our mission is to promote a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and apply knowledge and experience in practice through various projects, lectures, activities and events.


Koh Phangan Fruit Fest is the starting project, a role model in miniature of how the world could be and what actions should be taken to have a harmonious relationship with ourselves, with others and with nature… to live in a Paradise on Earth.

Main activities on a healthy lifestyle:

♥  Theory  

Lectures, talks, satsangs

♥  Practice, although inextricably intertwined 2 main categories can be underlined:

Improve connection with yourself: Yoga. meditation, pranalini, etc.

Improve connection with others and nature: Hikes, Fruit-trees planting, beach cleanups, etc.

Let’s bring Paradise on Earth together !

♥ Thank you ♥