“My first ever Fruit Festival in Koh Phangan was such a yummy experience! From fruitarian picnic on the beach with lovely fruitarian community to learning about the miracles of this lifestyle to hikes and sunshine and amazing vibes!

Would absolutely love to go back for the next edition and enjoy the best tropical fruit and connect with magic people ”          

-Irina Bocan


“I will tell you this, it was amazing. The island itself, it was unreal. It opens up so much. First of all, when I went to the festival, I actually wasn’t a plant based eater, i changed it over there and I love it. They say for next year it’s gonna be more spiritual. So, if you are a plant based, or even a meat eater, or you want to try out something new, that is the place to go... the Koh Phangan Fruit Fest.”

-Dainis Treilibs

"When I decided to buy a ticket for FRUITFEST 2019 I had no idea what to expect, neither did I know what a fruitarian lifestyle was. I just listened to my gut telling me: “Go for it girl, you will enjoy the experience!”.

Well, not only I’ve enjoyed it, it has been life changing for me…


Morning Yoga lessons in front of the sea, trekking in the forest planting trees, Beach Volley games and, more than anything, a beautiful and loving community of like minded people, open hearted, not judgemental, ready to listen to your problems and to help if possible. I rediscovered the connection with nature, the feeling that we are all ONE and the truth that love is all that matters, in all its forms.


This and much more has been FRUITFEST for me and in case someone, at this point, is wondering if I became a fruitarian after that, the answer is no, not yet, but I’m working on it!


My name is Antonella and this is the best part of my holiday’s story in Koh Phangan, I thought I’d share it…"

 -Antonella Bobbio

“One Love! One Heart! Let's get together and feel all right!"   -Bob Marley