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Getting to Koh Phangan

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The fastest, most comfortable but more expensive way is to fly to Koh Samui airport (which is the closest airport to Koh Phangan). In the airport there is an easy taxi+boat transfer service that will get you directly to Koh Phangan, (Make sure you get to Thong Sala, that's the main town, and not to Haad Rin - that's the full moon parties town).

If you do not mind having a longer but a more affordable trip, book your international flight to arrive at Bangkok, then separately book a domestic flight, from Bangkok to Koh Samui or even better - to Surat Thani (Be aware that there are 2 airports in Bangkok - BKK (Suvarnabhumi) and DMK (Don Mueang), about €10 taxi away).

From Surat Thani airport there is a bus+boat transfer service to Koh Phangan (best pier is Thong Sala).

An even more affordable option is getting from Bangkok to Surat Thani by train or bus.


Useful websites:


Transportation on the Island

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Motorbikes rule on this island. They are cheap, comfy and can get you to almost any corner of the island rather fast. No more than two people one allowed on one motorbike. Some people prefer renting a car for higher safety and comfort. Click here for our verified rental shops.

Bicycles are another option. Although not as time efficient as the motorbike - the island is a little bit hilly at some places, and some events will be too far for biking. Wanna rent a bike? Try here.

Hitchhiking is getting very popular also. Most people on the island, especially the fruit family people, will be more than happy to give you a ride.

Taxis are also available island-wide, although it is unlikely that you will need their services (average taxi ride is €5).

Write Mr. Tom on WhatsApp to book his Taxi services on-demand: +66-92-270-9987

You can also book Taxis from almost any resort and travel shop.


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Bungalows are the most famous type of accommodation on the island. There are also plenty of hostels and resorts for every taste and budget. You can book them in advance via internet (links below), though you might find better deals if you drive around and talk to the owners face to face, especially if you go for a long term rental (more than 2 weeks). Although a bit more challenging, in the high season (December to March) you will be able to find places without booking ahead, though be prepared to get a hotel room for 1-2 days and devote a few hours a day looking for the right place for you.


The best area, and usually a bit more expensive, is Srithanu (the vegan and spiritual center of the island). The areas around Srithanu between Thong Sala (to the south) and Haad Salad (to the north) are fine too -- at most a 15 min scooter ride). Just to give you an idea, the approximate price for a one bedroom bungalow, depending on the level of comfort and location, is €50-€200 per week and €200-€500 per month. Almost all houses have hot water showers, WiFi, electricity and water included in the monthly rent price.

A good idea to minimize the accommodation costs would be to share a bungalow with a friend, a partner or another fruit family member via our Koh Phangan Fruit Fest community. (link to our fb page)

Useful websites for finding hostel/hotel rooms, more for short-term:

Agoda  Booking  Findhotel Airbnb


FB groups for housing options: Koh Phangan Conscious Community, Koh Phangan House For Rent or Koh Phangan Rent Motorbike & House, etc.



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During the festival, we will provide you with a complimentary fruit buffet for lunch and herbal tees.

You can also explore the numerous vegan, raw vegan, fruitarian places and fruit carts  that can be found literally at every corner 


Here is the list of fruits that will be available on the paradise island in February(the prices are approximate based on last year's season):

Mangoes peak of season, super sweet(5 different varieties, also local)  €1 - €3 per kg

Papayas (in season, also local) €1-€2 1 per kg

Watermelons (in season, also local) €1 - €1,5 per kg

Coconuts (always in season) €0,5 -€1 per piece

Bananas (8 different varieties in season, also local) €0,5- €1 per kg

Pineapples €0,5- €1,5 per kg

Durian €2,5-€3,5 per kg

Also, Dragonfruits, Mangosteens, Lychee, Tangerines, Avocados, etc.


If you are living on raw fruits and veggies, expect to spend about €5-€15 per day. 

Eating out:

Western vegan restaurants - about €5-€10. 

Thai restaurants and food courts - about €2-€5. 

Check out this video… 20 Best Vegan Places in Koh Phangan

Internet Connectivity​


WiFi is plentiful on the island, so wherever you stay (resort, hostel, house) you will have free WiFi. Internet on the island is based on optic fibers, so it's usually pretty fast.

If you want non-stop internet -- a 4G cellular data SIM Card a pretty cheap option -- you can get it at Thong Sala (the main & biggest town you want to arrive at) for €15, for 6mbit speed, unlimited data, for a month. Some 7/11 and Family Mart shops also sell sim cards.