Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weather going to be?

-Amazingly tropical! from 25°c to 30°c, almost no rain.


What does the ticket include?

-All the activities in the schedule and a fruit buffet per day.


Is that the final schedule?

-No. There will be updates and some surprise events added. :)


I heard Koh Phangan is a party/drugs island :O 

-Parties are harmless, drugs are illegal but still can be found -- but all of that touristy action (Haad Rin) is geographically far from our cozy spot (Srithanu).


How much money am I going to spend there in 1 month?

-Let's try a really rough estimate: 600€ for a two-way ticket, 280€ for the early bird festival ticket,

400€ for accommodation, 100€ for a scooter, 300€ for raw vegan food and fruit and 200€ for miscellaneous.

That gets you to 1,880€.

Of course the amount you will spend depends on many factors :)


Can kids attend?

-Absolutely yes!

Free ticket under the age of 8 (Just notify in advance)

50% discount from 8 to 12      discount code: fruitkid812

30% discount from 12 to 18      discount code: fruitkid1218

Can i come with my animal friend?

-Absolutely yes! No extra charge applied.