“One Love! One Heart! Let's get together and feel all right!"   -Bob Marley

Imagine 8 days of freestyle peace, love and fruit celebration with 

beautiful beings from all over the world,

amazing tropical fruit,

stunning nature,

various activities,

 Beach parties and much more...

... this is the Koh Phangan Fruit Fest. 

It is a paradise on earth, a dream come true!

Join our fruit family and let’s live it together!

Koh Phangan is….

♥ A magical island made up of rose quartz which is known as a heart opening cristal. It attracts beautiful, creative and unique people from  all over the world, forming a beautiful community of conscious/spiritual/high vibrational beings;

♥ An "old school" island paradise created by true nature - marvelous white sandy beaches with shimmering turquoise waters, scenic waterfalls, breathtaking sunsets, unspoiled jungle backdrops;

♥ A true vegan heaven with numerous vegan/raw vegan restaurants and cafes, juice bars  and tropical fruit stalls at every corner. February is the best month for juicy sweet mangoes, refreshing watermelons, and sweet vanilla bananas.
There are also durians, coconuts, pineapples, mangosteens, papayas, jackfruits, etc;


♥ A party-goer’s paradise of legendary proportions with some of the best techno, psy, ecstatic, rock, reggae parties literally going non stop

...a perfect place for a Festival dedicated to Love!!!

Our Festival is Entirely Donation based
Support it's existence  and 

Main Activities

Gatherings with Experience/Knowledge sharing


fruit picnics on the Beach

Hikes through the jungle



 The schedule will be available right before the festival

Check out our first Koh Phangan Fruit Fest
KPGFF 2019